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Program specifically designed keeping in mind the needs, desire and results required by Students. The striving ability to perform with the limited learnings, ability to learn with help of rote memory (untrained memory) and abundance internal sources available i.e BRAIN(Trained memory) . Learning’s are blue print- How to magnetizes and then manifest into reality.


Memory is the mental activity of recalling experiences and information. It is a complex process that involves many different areas of the brain. Just like muscular strength, the more you flex it - the stronger it will become. This means that very simple memory exercises (like brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand) can quickly forge new memory processes.

A 2008 study by the psychologist Susanne Jaeggi found that memory training increased intelligence and implied that the students could boost their IQ by a full point per hour of training. The mind is ephemeral and mysterious, but the brain is concrete.


  •   Students, from any board CBSE / ICSE / IGCSE / IB / SSC who wish to learn how to learn, relieve stress during exams, be confident, develop personality by adopting best practices.
  •   Students to communicate ideas, map your skills, think beyond boundaries & creative imagination.
  •   Learning with Concentration & Focus on the ability to perform and get better results.

In fact, anyone who is keen to learn memorizing and recall techniques will benefit from the Training. This program helps the participants to improve Brain functioning, build Confidence and Trust their Memory.


Modules are designed to improve short-term memory, spatial memory, and working memory.

Short-term memory to follow multiple step directions. Spatial memory is necessary to remember where we leave things like our belongings or homework. Working memory is necessary to reason or solve equations, mentally in your head.

It’s a learning system that helps you to form a habit to unite your senses with a visual, clear imagination. This synchronizes a balanced left & right brain with logical as well as creative activities.

Participate with a sense of Enthusiasm, Fun and to give the Brain a Workout! Go back with the Ability to Recall Easily

  •   Assessement
  •   Science of Brain
  •   Kinds of Memory
  •   Aware Beware
  •   Concentration
  •   Focus
  •   Creative Techniques
  •   Visualisation
  •   United Method
  •   CVSR
  •   Musical walk
  •   Overcome Stress
  •   PUCRD
  •   Ladder Method
  •   Musical Windows
  •   Memory Filling System
  •   Neurodynamics
  •   Mnemonics
  •   Speed Reading
  •   Thinking skills
  •   Mental Maths
  •   Relaxation
  •   Speed Reading
  •   Aptitude Logic
  •   Multiple intelligence
  •   Mind Programming
  •   Z-A-P Method
  •   Alternate Therapy
  •   Unite Square Method
  •   Listening Skills
  •   CommunicateIdeas
  •   Emotional intelligence
  •   B-S-C-Mapping
  •   Food & Nutrition
  •   Vocabulary
  •   Smart Study Techniques
  •   Emotional Freedom
  •   Assertive Behaviour
  •   Memory 365
  •   Music Therapy
  •   StressFree Exams
  •   Akshay Chakra
  •   Meditation


  •   Improves Your Overall Personality
  •   Ability to Focus and Concentration Isncreases.
  •   Develop’s Interest and Confidence in your Core Subject.
  •   Understand how to use Brain Effectively and Productively.
  •   Activate Neurons and keep them Healthy and Fit.
  •   Reduces Stress and Anxiety Thereby Helps in Maintaining the Physical Fitness.
  •   Stand Out Among Peers, Groups, Colleagues, Family & Friends.
  •   Helps to Face Competitions Ahead.
  •   Can Recall Easily by Applying Systems and A Process.
  •   Boost Creative Skills and Imagination Power Multifold.
  •   Reading Skills Improve.
  •   Working with Figure’s, Abstract Ideas, Charts Becomes Easy.
  •   Soft Skills such as Leadership, Improving Self-esteem, Team Building and Gaining Knowledge about a Healthy Lifestyle are Just some of the     Additional Benefits and Studies also show that Participation in a Structured Program Increase Academic Achievement.


Online / Offline Mode:

  •   Interactive sessions
  •   Paper-Pen Exercises
  •   Activity based training
  •   Debate & Group discussions
  •   Video’s & Audio’s
  •   Whatsup interaction
  •   Idea sharing


  • Seminars     : 4/8 Hours provides an insight of effectiveness of Brain Utility.
  • Workshops : 16 Hrs duration provides a detailed forecast of usage of tools and techniques combined with exercises, worksheets & practice sheets.
  • Coaching    : 48 Hrs duration a journey from would be to actual realization on one to one hand holding basis. A Customised approach towards learning                          and acquiring skills.


  •   Result oriented systems.
  •   Details Informative Booklet
  •   CD covering the contents of the Entire program.
  •   Exercises for regular practice.
  •   Life-time support and access to Videos, Articles, Seminars, Webinars.
  •   Followup sessions, Life-time support and access to our Website – Articles, Seminars, Webinars etc.


  •   Prepared for Academic Performance.
  •   Creative Genius


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