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Mr. Mysorekar candidly works to help you understand the techniques. He adjusts according to your needs, so you can get the most benefit out of the online learning experience. Furthermore, he inspires you as a person to achieve more in life by being an example, who is willing to take your suggestions openly. For me personally, Mr. Mysorekar is a comfortable teacher, who is truly focused and will only give the best and never show laziness.

-Anjali Vij, XIIth . - USA

I like this memory development workshop so much because in this we learn’t, how can we increase our memory power & how we can remember thing in very less time.

-Ms.Shruti Kaushik, Board State Topper – 1st Rank, CHATTISGARH

I like this workshop very much, it is very interesting. By practicing it I can develop my memory.

-Ms.Swapnita Singh, Board State Topper-3rd Rank, CHATTISGARH

The session regarding memory training was very nice. It helped me increasing my memory. I learned 20 words in a sequence in just 20 minutes. I got various helpful advices for this session. I learned the method to study my answers very quickly and fast. I learned to do calculations very smoothly.

-Khan Safa Irfan, 8th Std,KOTA.

Very Smart and a useful method of remembering a large/wide option of data, which was very difficult and stressful for me before this course. Mr.Mysorekar is really very helpful in all the ways…Thank you….

–Mihir Pradhan, 9th

I could like to thanks everybody, right from Sushant Sir, Suman madam, TCS & all my friends. Before the training session , I was lacking all the aspects of Soft skills, and communication. In session, sir taught us very effectively & sincerely. I was much benefited by attending this Workshop.

-Mr.Sujeet G.Jaiswal, NAGPUR

We enjoyed the sessions very much and interested to learn techniques like Musical Windows© & Brain Mapping which helped us to get good marks in examination.

-Mahrukh & Mustabeen Patel, 7th & 12th Std, DUBAI

Mr.Sushant Sir had made very great effort to encourage, motivate and helped us to participate in each and every session actively and succeded in great way to improve us. Every session is so interactive and enjoyable that I am going to miss all this in future. I am very thankful to Sushant Sir for grooming us in best possible ways and will keep in touch in future.

-Mr.Gaurav I.Rajguru, AKOLA

It was an excellent Seminar, which made me able to know & learn some important things on Memory Training.

-Prathamesh.P.Kanade,10th Std, MUMBAI

All the concepts in the presentation were very well cleared. It refreshed my mind. Overall it was very cool.

-Ms.Anagha P.Kalekar,9th

Trainer was free to get the query. I think the same trainer should train everyone so as to open their minds freely.

-Pratiksha Tamhane, MPPM

Your method is so powerful and the way you teach is wonderful. Thanks a lot for your help in improving my memory.

-Muhammad Alqawasmi, JORDAN

Memory Training gave me wonders which are most useful in my life.

-Esha Tendulkar, MUMBAI

It was a great experience.The training session was very good, interesting and this created a friendly environment. The training helped me a lot to improve my negative aspects, I overcame my fear. Now my confidence level has also increased. Its great to have you as our trainer. THANK YOU SIR.

-Asmita Abhyankar, NAGPUR

The memory training workshop was of immense help to boost my confidence in my own memory skills. Secondly, it has helped in generating new interest in the subject matter.

-Col.M.V.Kamat, - Corporate Trainer

It was very interesting. Sushant Sir is very good teacher. More & More people specially children should attend this so, study will be simple for them.

-Mr.Sanjay V.Rahate, Corporate Coach.MUMBAI

Technique discussed was the most feasible and best for a four hour session however It was a good learning experience.


A Professional approach in explaining techniques through technology. My productivity has drastically increased after undergoing a skill based brain course .Thanks Mr.Mysorekar for your support and expect same as & when required.

-Mr.Sandeep.Kulkarni, Professional - DUBAI

Memory Enhancement Program gave us a different view point in designing the students academic status. We thank you for the time and dedication towards Memory Training .

-Mr.Mukul Garg & Mr.Amit Duggal, Mnemonics Institute, DELHI

To crack exams one must experience the use of memory techniques. I recommend others to undergo the training.

-Ashish Srivastav, SAP, MUMBAI

It's very fantastic technique we learn from you. It does definitely help us in our daily police work. Thanks a millions to you and your team. Hope we will meet somewhere but we will remember and use your technique daily. Hope all offices in Mumbai police will blessed of your training.

-Sujata A.Patil, Police Inspector, MUMBAI

Good and appreciable points about the Seminar and Sushant Sir : Vision and attitude towards life, Energy & Strength, Encouraging, Motivating, devoted for work, Never Aggressive,Flexible,good learner and observer, has knowledge strength, has the power to change and improve others.

-Dr.Archana Mohod, VIDHARBHA

Memory Training gave me wonders which are most useful in my life.

-Dr Shyam Surve & Dr Vidita, SUKHAYU. MUMBAI

Trainer has an EXCELLENT KNOWLEDGE OF MEMORY Development, Techniques Taught Superbly!.Thank you!

-Shanaaz Ibrahim, SOUTH AFRICA

The training was extremely helpful as it enabled me to remember data quickly which was not the case earlier. Using the memory techniques it has given me the confidence to learn more with the ability to retain all of it. The techniques give confidence to a person to explore and read more which earlier he may have been hesitant on doing. Also, at a professional level it will impress your seniors and colleagues by the data which may be words, stats or numbers that is retained by you.


The training was informative and helped us to explore the power of memory. We could’nt believe the change after the training .

-Prashant, RAJKOT

Mr Sushant Mysorekar is an energetic, enthusiastic and experienced memory training specialist who is convinced you can succeed well before you are, and then proves himself right, much to your delight. He empowers you by creating a safe learning environment designed to expand your abilities, along with a friendly, cheerful, supportive presence which simply knows you can do it. I recommend Sushant highly to anyone interested in improving his/ her cognitive performance, through private, group or customised training. Sushant is a man of rare integrity and vision, who lives his belief that nothing is impossible and has the resources, tools and knowledge to make that cliché a refreshing reality.

-Rebecca Ezekiel,Director - Diplomat Training Institute,CANADA