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You may be interested in one of our other popular workshops:

Leadership and Management Training - Two Day Course
After Graduation or Post-Graduation, one enters into the corporate world & adds learnings & experience. Adding value & developing the skills sets within helps oneself to grow and achieve short and long team goals. Our program helps in overall development of an individual.

Personal Development Training - Two Day Course
The purpose of this personal development course is to help you to develop your “professional skills” relating to: Communication, goal achievement, personal confidence, positive mental attitude, planning, prioritising and handling difficult people.

Communication Skills Training -One Day Course
Are you as confident in your powers of communication? Clear and confident communication will help you improve the performance of your whole team. When you return from this fabulous workshop, you will feel more clear, confident and persuasive.

Time Management Training -One Day Course
Can you manage time ? We can manage only our priorities. One day program can change the way you are looking at the term “Time management”.

Writing Wining Resumes & Cover Letters - One Day Course
Your first step to enter the corporate ladder is your approach. Cover letter and your profile can only get you a call for Interview. Our program shall help you to cross the first hurdle.

Introduction to Psycology -One Day Course
In todays fast and fittest global world of entertainment, work and profession, we need to understand people management. Our program shall take you step by step process in identifying the core areas which you need to monitor.

Public Speaking -One Day Course
We gain a lot of insight through learning, workshops , experience but when it comes to sharing , one finds difficult to address a group of people. Public speaking is an art , and needs to be learnt on how efficiently you can present your message so that it can by effectively reached through the audience.

Successful Interview Skillsets -Two Day Course
Interviews are the means to understand aspirants potential and skills to do a particular job effectively and efficiently. Preparation on what & how to present is an skill and if handled properly can get you to crack an interview round. Our program shall help you to show practically how this can be achieved.

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