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AIM : Help you to understand your knowledge, learnings and understanding of the subject before undergoing this program.
Learning Objective : To analyse you’re working knowledge about your brain potentials.
What you need : Presence of mind, Pencil / Pen, Eraser.
Instructions : Just take a moment to go through the questionnaire below &indicate your views and opinion on the questions below :
Time : 10 mins.


Male Female
Less than 25 26 – 50 More than 50

Read the questions below carefully and tick on the appropriate answer : If you are not sure HOW Brain Development Program (BDP) fits you, we can help you. Just tick wherever applicable and click on submit button below.

Do you think you have a naturally good memory (i.e. the ability to memorise information without using memory strategies/techniques)? Yes No
Do you feel that with proper training you shall improve your performance Yes No

Please answer the below 25 questions to understand you better

I find difficulty :
1. To Concentrate For A Long Time Yes No
2. Focusing For A Long Time On A Particular Work. Yes No
3. In Imagining What The Characters Might Look Like When Reading A Story Yes No
4. In Remembering Important Dates ( Birthdates, Anniversary, Imp Events) Yes No
5. To Keep Track Of Two Or More People’s Conversations In A Social Group Yes No
6. in noticing minute details at work. Yes No
7. In Making Up Imaginary, Fantasy, Funny Stories. Yes No
8. In Remembering Numbers. Yes No
9. To Understand The Characters’ Intentions, When Reading A Story. Yes No
10. In Rembering Information After I Hear It. Yes No
11. In Relating To Patterns. Yes No
12. In Remembering Information Yes No
13. At Remembering Mobile Numbers Yes No
14. In Identify Icons, Symbolic Images. Yes No
15. In Remembering A Long List Yes No
16. In Finding Appropriate Words During Conversation. Yes No
17. In Remembering Names Yes No
18. In Remembering Faces. Yes No
19. To Remember Historic Events Yes No
20. To Plan My To Do List Yes No
21. To Remember Names Of Books Read Yes No
22. To Face New Situations. Yes No
23. In Meeting & Discussing With New People Yes No
24. In Imagining A Three-Dimensional Geometric Figure. Yes No
25. In Creating Vivid And Photographic Mental Images Yes No