Brain ONE-TO-ONE is an exclusive program designed for individuals who wish to excel in their present field and make an impact on others life. We coach students, professionals, corporates as well as senior citizens for participating in Competitive Exams and Championships been conducted Nationally & Internationally. Special personalized coaching for competing and creating a mark.

Why Memory Coaching?

Memory coaching allows you to explore your hidden potential lot quicker to achieve a better memory. Having a better memory allows you to explore opportunities much faster & impress others as well as yourself and be ahead in whichever field you choose to be.. Here are some of the practical benefits of memory:

However it doesn’t end here. It is not just about learning the technique, but knowing how to apply the knowledge into everyday life. The mission of BRAIN RHYME is to provide training, useful and relevant information about the brain so that people can use their brains effectively by using innovative methods & develop useful strategies.


There are many benefits to having One-to-One Memory Coaching..


Our Memory Assessment Program helps to  understand :

  •  Intelligence - Usability of brain powers from learning’s.
  • Cognitive Assessment – Study of mental process such as Attention, language, memory, problem solving & thinking.
  • Features and Drawbacks.

Based on the Reports generated, we are able to access the areas which needs improvement and areas which needs to be strengthen.


Your personalised program is mapped out keeping in mind, your goals Each session thereafter is introducing strategies, techniques, concepts, ideas and so on, so you can develop the skills to start working on them. Our programs are appreciated by Universities & have been approved by the Vocational board.

• Focused Result :

Since the coaching program is personalised to what you want to achieve, there is a strong emphasis on getting you where you need to get to.

• Face-to-Face or Online

Memory coaching sessions can be either face-to-face or online via Skype making it convenient and accessible wherever in the world you may be.

• Builds accountabilit

You are challenged throughout the program and given specific small assignments / exercises to be completed before each session.Same can be duly completed and mailed enabling the trainer to comment or suggestions before the next session.

• Develops discipline

You are kept in check. Successful habits are learned.

• Increases motivation

Trainers energy, enthusiasm and passion is driving force behind many successful participants in the coaching program. You will feel a sense of accomplishment and be inspired to take on the world.

• It’s private.

Confidentiality remains at all times. You will feel safe.

• Ongoing support

Once you have commenced, you have unlimited access to tap into Brain Rhyme’s knowledge Bank and expertise to help you solve any problems or answer questions here after.

• Increase in confidence

During the first session you shall realise the amazing power of memory and what you are actually capable of. Once this realisation occurs it instantly increases confidence that builds each and every session.

• Learn from one of the best in the world

ED,Sushant Mysorekar has been in the field since last 7 years & provide coaching in India and Abroad.. He has coached a variety of people which include; Students, CEOs, Senior Citizens, children with learning difficulties that have ADHD and dyslexia, celebrities, and much much more




THIS PROGRAM IS FOR ACTION ORIENTED PEOPLE. DROP A MAIL AND WE SHALL ASSIST YOU IN MAKING YOUR WISH FULFILLED … Where ever any points need to be elaborated please do or you can email us at


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