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Brain Builder is an exclusive program designed for improving the cognitive skills & life skills used in personal and professional life. We coach students, professionals, corporates as well as senior citizens for participating in Competitive Exams and Championships been conducted Nationally & Internationally.


  •   Teachers, Trainers ,Facilitators & Parents.
  •   Professionals from ANY backgrounds .
  •   Anyone, who wish to learn & adopt best globally used learning practices.
  •   Learning Leaders & leading learners.

In fact, anyone who is keen to learn memorizing and recall techniques. This program helps the participants to improve Brain functioning, build Confidence and Trust their Memory.


  •   VAK Assessment
  •   Science of Brain
  •   Memory Retention
  •   Holistic approach in learning
  •   Creative Visualisation
  •   Creative mapping.
  •   Emerging Creativity
  •   Thinking Skills
  •   Speed Reading
  •   Success mindset
  •   Assertive Behaviour

  •   Communication Skills
  •   Presentation skills
  •   People Management
  •   Team Building
  •   Delegation
  •   Decision making
  •   Leadership Building
  •   Planning
  •   Execution
  •   Stress Management

  •   Body Language
  •   Time Management
  •   CRM & People Skills
  •   Business Management
  •   Strategic Insight
  •   Entrepreneurship
  •   Business Ideas
  •   Email Etiquetes
  •   Public Speaking

All above sessions shall be either in presentation form, videos & Activity based & 100% result oriented.

Participate with a sense of Enthusiasm, Fun and to give the Brain a Workout! Go back with the Ability to Recall Easily.

PROGRAM cover’s memorization and recall methods and techniques based on:

Learning system that helps you to form a habit to unite your senses with a visual, clear imagination. This synchronizes a balanced left & right brain with logical as well as creative activities.

COGNITIVE SKILLS – Memory is one of the five "Learning Mind Sports" which are Speed Reading, IQ, Creativity, Mind Mapping and Memory. All of them are competitive sports, and collectively they can help anyone to become better in their studies or in their profession . Preparing each one to test their internal power of memory through Memory Championships and creating Brain Athletes all over the Globe.


Participation in structured memory sports programs has many more benefits for children and young people than just the learning of the basic skills.

  •    Improves your Overall Personality
  •   Ability to Focus and Concentration Increases.
  •   Develop’s Interest and Confidence in your Core subject.
  •   Understand how to use Brain Effectively and Productively.
  •   Activate Neurons and Keep them Healthy and Fit.
  •   Reduces Stress and Anxiety thereby Helps in Maintaining the Physical Fitness.
  •   Stand out Among Peers, Groups, Colleagues, Family & Friends.
  •   Helps to Face Competitions Ahead.
  •   Can Recall Easily by Applying Systems and a Process.
  •   Boost Creative Skills and Imagination power Multifold.
  •   Reading Skills Improve.
  •   Working with Figure’s, Abstract Ideas, Charts becomes Easy.
  •   Life skills such as leadership, improving self-esteem, team building and gaining knowledge about a healthy lifestyle are just some of the additional     benefits and studies also show that participation in a structured program increase academic achievement.


  •   Customized Exercises.
  •   Audio –Video Interaction
  •   Application of Techniques Practically
  •   Presentation Mode
  •   Useful Theory
  •   Participative & Informative assignments.


  •   Well designed notes
  •   Activity based Training
  •   100 + Activities
  •   Debate & Group interaction
  •   Live projects & assessment.

Followup sessions Life-time support and access to our Website – Articles, Seminars, Webinars etc.


  •   Prepared for Academic Performance.
  •   Creative Genius


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